Sunday, March 1, 2009

You may now add emergency contacts to your drivers license record

Forwarded to me by Suzy Bromwell.
This was checked out with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles....It's legit......

You can go online and enter two (2) emergency contacts into your Florida Driver's License record. This information can only be retrieved by a police officer.

This came about as a result of one woman's teenage daughter being severely injured in a car accident and it taking over five hours for authorities to locate the mother to inform her.

This way, if you are in an accident, the police/sheriff's deputy can run your driver's license and have your emergency contact info ASAP.

Access to this opportunity is through the DHSMV website:

The link asks for your Florida Driver's License Number and then your birth date information for security verification. Notice the Secure Assurance seal.

Please consider forwarding this notice to family and friends in Florida. It's a vital link to your loved ones just in case anything happens.

I did this and advise you to do so as well. And I sincerely hope it will not be needed!

I too have verified this and it works but as always, be sure to follow safe computing guidelines.

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