Saturday, March 7, 2009

IRC Library collection now on

We have been waiting to tell the world what is in the Indian River County Main Library genealogy department. It has finally happened.

Due to a grant from the State of Florida, they have chosen several library collections in Florida to be added to which is really OCLC (Online Computer Library Catalog.) Due to the large expense, we never thought it would happen and is the reason why many small-town libraries are not included.

However, since only phase 1 of 3 phases has been completed, I would recommend using our ouline catalog at for a little while longer if you do not find what you want. I understand the whole process may be completed by the end of the month. is a wonderful tool and if you put in your zipcode, it will tell you the nearest library and how far it is from your home. It searches libraries from all over the world.

Try this example: Search for People of the Red Barns. Click on the title and you should see our library listed as number one and the next closest library is 128 miles away in Collier County. When you click on the library name, it will automatically take you to the catalog WITHIN the library and you can locate the call number.

Remember: our collection does NOT circulate. You have to come visit us, which makes us very happy!

Try it! I think you'll like it.

Pam Cooper, Supervisor of Archive Center and Genealogy Department
Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach, Florida

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