Saturday, May 2, 2009

Genealogy Game Show: May 12th

IRGS Membership Meeting
May 12, 2009
It’s Game Time Again!

By popular request, our May program will be another program of Genealogy
Jeopardy presented by Nancy and Tom Garvey. The audience will be divided
into three teams vying for genealogy related prizes. The three captains are
Marcia Eyberse, Maryellen McGarry and Tony Young. Marcia heads up the
Purple Team; Maryellen the Green Team and Tony, in his favorite team color,
will captain the Orange Team.

This time, the genealogy terms will be from many sources – legal, medical,
wills and occupations among others. Four possible answers will be presented.
While there is only one right answer, all four choices may look logical. These
are all words used by our ancestors but seldom found in today’s world. Many
have a very whimsical sound. All are a source of pure fun. We may learn a
little but mostly we’ll just have good competitive enjoyment.

After each quiz, the three captains will tally the number of correct answers for
their teams. Pete Kersey as The Master Scorekeeper will keep track of the
correct totals. The highest cumulative score determines the winning team.
Each member of the team with the highest number of winning answers will
receive a prize with special genealogy or historical remembrances. Look at
some of your old documents and even historical novels for clues! Come
prepared to win and have fun!

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