Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IRGS Announces its Online Surname Registry

The Indian River Genealogical Society, Inc. announces the availability of its online Surname Registry to the general public. The registry contains over 550 entries of surnames being researched by members of the IRGS and is available to the general public at the Society's Web site:

The list may be browsed alphabetically or searched using your browser's search feature. Each entry has an associated link that leads to a query form that will be dispatched in private to the member associated with the entry. The method works for members who have email accounts and for our non-computing members.

With the wonderful facility at the Vero Beach Main Library, you can be sure the IRGS members have some well-researched information to share and we hope this facility will lead to some meaningful data exchanges.

Members of the IRGS may submit an additional 5 surname entries with their 2010 membership application and renewal time is here. New members joining in 2009 will automatically have their membership extended through Dec 2010 so don't delay, join today. See the IRGS Web site for membership information:

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